On Strike

The public supports us.

Being on strike makes me proud. To see and hear the support of the public every morning on the picket line, I am further convinced L.A. teachers made the right choice to leave the classroom. It is not an easy choice for many single income teachers, but it is one of the reasons we are striking. Teachers should not have to live paycheck to paycheck when educating society's children.

But our strike is about more than that, and it seems the public is aware of what we have been concerned about for years. In the middle of one morning's picket session I realized that the education reformers had been so very wrong in what they were telling us. The public knows and understands that we know what's best for children in schools. They place their precious children in our hands to educate, and want us to do our job unencumbered by district edicts and structures that get in the way.

The public supports us.

Being on strike is not what I thought it would be. It is be…

For the Love of Learning

The new "Olds" at Schildt Upper Secondary School, Jyvaskyla

Being wrapped up in the cozy cocoon of Finnish schools (wearing socks instead of shoes, eating a daily hot lunch, and hearing the happy buzz of children), it is easy to forget that Fulbright is more than just teachers working on inquiry projects.

Schildt has merged and will be known as Gradia next year

These last two weeks swiftly reminded me that Senator Fulbright left the world an incredible legacy, and that almost half a million people have participated in cross-cultural exchanges since the program’s inception.

Fulbright Finland’s Spring Forum

The Fulbright grantees in Finland are located in a number of cities. For the first time, students, teachers, and scholars from the U.S. gathered for three days of learning from each other.

For those of us fortunate to attend the separate workshop “Making Democracies Resilient to Modern Threats,” we enjoyed the added bonus of hearing an impressive panel of speakers from the U.S. and Finland.
Terhi Molsa, Executive Director 

Panelists from Harvard, MIT and Columbia
Speaker after speaker addressed the issues causing the rise of misinformation, political polarity, and problematic populism. It truly made me realize that teachers now, more than ever, have such an important duty to increase the teaching of critical thinking and digital literacy.
Distinguished audience as well
Frustration builds within me when I remember that back home, most teachers do not have the freedom to deviate from the tested curriculum. Testing really needs to be reduced and/or fully removed from schools. Teachers already assess on a daily basis, and parent conferences are more authentic and meaningful than any standardized test score.

Did you know that standardized tests were never designed to measure teacher effectiveness? Yet some states use them to determine a teacher’s pay and assign schools a ranking or a label. I wrote about that experience here. We are adding gratuitous stress to both students and teachers, and real education is missing the opportunity to grow in our unique American way.
The accomplished Kerry Piggot was my partner in the presentation

The next two days involved sharing our preliminary findings of the work we are doing in Finland, and in short, it was just FASCINATING to hear what others are doing. From solar energy, to quirks in physics, to sustainability, and to education, the Fulbrighters really went deep into their fields of expertise and did an excellent job making their presentations comprehensible to each other.
As a bonus, all our meetings were held in some breathtaking locations.
Tiffany Viggiano presenting her project
Fulbrighters doing a STEM experiment

Sustainability Presentation

A commander from the Coast Guard also on a Fulbright!

Upon completing my presentation, I received immediate feedback from both my colleagues and members of the audience. I made the acquaintance of Dr. Juha Valtonen who is aSenior Lecturer in Didactics of Physical Education at the University of Helsinki. “Your hunches about break time improving student performance are correct! There is a lot of research that backs this up. I would love to share some with you. Also, you should look into the work of Texas, they are one of the first states to make a return to recess.” This sharing of knowledge and insight is what these forums are all about.

Terhi Molsa, leader of the fabulous Fulbright Finland team that brings it all together

Workshops that start on time, are masterfully facilitated, and whose logistics are planned to the T give this sensei deep satisfaction. What a once in a lifetime experience to live in this wonderful country and see Finnish excellence in action.

Fulbright Finland 2017-2018


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